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One installer, Marco, really went above and beyond with this job and impressed us. When we tore the carpet off the stairs, we hadn’t realized the edge showing into the lower room would be raw and look unfinished. We tried to come up with ideas on how to make it look nice, but we weren’t sure how to do it, or how it would turn out. Marco saw that we were unsure about what to do and came to our rescue! He came up with a plan and gave us options so we could pick what we wanted. After we decided, he took care to make sure it looked really pretty. He framed-in the staircase to match the rest of the house perfectly! He also patched the wall where we tore the old carpeting off on the stairs and found some rough areas under the carpet. He really wanted to make sure the whole room looked nice — not just the flooring. I thought that was awfully nice.

Marco also helped us with the baseboards, which was not part of the flooring work order. We had a trouble area where our return vent was close to the floor; we needed the baseboard to go around it. Again, Marco saw that we were unsure about how to do this job. He said he knew exactly what to do. He built a “picture frame” around the vent, and he did it in just a few minutes! It turned out to be a beautiful thing. In a few years, when we put more flooring in the house, we are going to request Marco. Debra Colliver, Shaver Lake, California

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About three years ago Robinson’s Flooring installed laminate flooring that looks like wood for an add-on, including a game room. They did such a wonderful job that when we wanted the upstairs done, we called Robinson’s back. My wife is just thrilled. We are both thrilled. 
​Dave Colliver, Shaver Lake, California

We have one of those odd cabins built against a hill, so our kitchen is upstairs. The new wood-look laminate is a lot easier to clean and works well in a kitchen. Robinson’s Flooring did a fabulous job. They were very efficient. The installers were helpful, fast, and friendly. They moved all the heavy furniture, put it all back, and cleaned everything up. We want those same installers to come back when we put in the laminate downstairs. 
Debra Colliver, Shaver Lake, California

“Robinson's Flooring did a fabulous job.”

Laminate "Hardwood" Floors, Shaver Lake, CA 

Plus Marco came to the rescue!

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