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John and Kristen

“If they come close to these numbers, we’re buying today.” 

Ken’s demeanor wasn’t pushy. He sat on our couch and was like a friend who just knew a lot about flooring and was giving us his advice. Once the contract was signed and the check written, Ken didn’t forget about us. He gave us his cell phone number and communication was seamless.

The installers were efficient, courteous, and on-time. They stayed on task and didn’t goof off. They cleaned up really well and I was very comfortable with them in my home. After the first day, my husband came home and inspected the workmanship. He said, “These guys know what they’re doing.” From a craftsman point of view, my husband was very pleased. We look forward to doing the second part of the job with Robinson’s Flooring. 
Kristin Iles, Clovis, California

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We had a unique situation. We already had hardwood in the living areas of our home and carpeting in the bedroom and office areas. We wanted to have the same hardwood throughout our home but could only afford to do about half the job. Robinson’s Flooring helped us find a solution.

My husband, who is an experienced contractor had visited the Robinson’s Flooring showroom and spoken with the salesman, Ken Dykes. Ken was nice enough to let him take several sample boards home. We liked the product and asked Ken to come to our home. Before Ken arrived, my husband had penciled out what the flooring and labor should cost. He researches and knows the costs of things. He said to me, “If they come close to these numbers, we’re buying today.” 

Robinson’s numbers were in the ballpark. But that’s not the only reason we bought. I liked the way Ken explained how we could resolve our problem of only being able to do half the job now. The worry is that the same product won’t be available when we’re ready and the flooring won’t match. Ken explained he had a similar situation in his own home. He said that although the exact product may not be available, something very similar will be. To help with any possible discrepancies, he had us purchase an extra box of planks that can be feathered with the new flooring to ensure a uniform look.