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Truly Waterproof Carpet from Shaw Floors

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Tough Can Be Beautiful

Stain and Spill Resistant

  • Wintery Boots
  • Muddy Shoes
  • Wet Umbrellas
  • Broken Vases
  • Anything Wet and Wild!


  • Baby Bottle Leaks
  • Diaper Accidents
  • Pet Accidents
  • Wet Dogs
  • Overturned Water Bowls

Shaw Floors has introduced an amazing new waterproof carpet that’s perfect for all that life can throw at you. Whether you have a household full of children and pets or you like to entertain, this new carpet is for you. And it’s beautiful, too. That’s why Shaw named it “Life Happens.”

Shaw's Life Happens waterproof carpet doesn't let liquid settle in.

In addition, Life Happens carpet is specially treated to resist soil and stains. Spills are repelled, so they don’t have a chance to “settle in.” Check out the second amazing video below, which shows how gallons of cola are repelled by LifeGuard.

Waterproof Carpet Protects Against ...

  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Soft Drinks
  • Party Food

Shaw’s Life Happens carpet has a patented LifeGuard waterproof backing that provides protection on a level never seen before. Check out the first video below that a flooring dealer in Texas created to test the product claim.

​​​Yes, Shaw’s Life Happens carpet is tough. But it’s still beautiful with a wide range of colors and textures. Just contact us to see samples in our showroom.