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I was tired of getting my carpets cleaned and I had an old house with beautiful hardwood flooring. Robinson's Flooring did a wonderful job of refinishing my old floors. I appreciate everything Ken Dykes did to help me. All the work was done to my satisfaction. I was treated very well by the Robinson's crew. 
Harold Gillott, Fresno, California

I love Robinson’s Flooring. The product and the quality are great. I love their central location in River Park. I’m in real estate and I refer all of my clients to Robinson’s Flooring. They have so many choices; there’s something for everyone from vinyl to tile to hardwood floors and all very affordable. They just have everything; it’s so convenient. The installers are awesome. I have never had to ...  Read More.

Lydia Graham - Clovis, California

It was very easy because when they said they were going to be there at a certain time, they were there. We were really happy. The installers said they were going to do the carpet in one day and they did. The furniture was put back exactly the way we had it. It was great. We were just awed at how great it was. Read More.
Jayne Wamhof, Fresno and Shaver Lake, California  

Sandy Marshall with her dogs
Janell Boldt
Lydia Graham

“Their bid was way better.”

“If they come close to these numbers, we’re buying today.” 

“Robinson’s Flooring did a fabulous job.”

“Done to my satisfaction.”

We had hardwood flooring downstairs and our large dogs scratched it beyond repair. Plus, I used the wrong product on the floor, which left a residue that could not be removed without completely refinishing the floors. At first, we were looking for ceramic tile that looks like wood. We shopped at a couple of flooring stores and when we stopped by Robinson’s Flooring, Jim Coyne showed us a high-end laminate that looks like wood. He took a key and ran it on the surface to show ... Read More.
Sandy Marshall, Clovis, California

My husband, who is an experienced contractor had visited the Robinson’s Flooring showroom and spoken with the salesman, Ken Dykes. Ken was nice enough to let him take several sample boards home. We liked the product and asked Ken to come to our home. Before Ken arrived, my husband had penciled out what the flooring and labor should cost. He researches and knows the costs of things. He said to me ... Read More.
Kristin Iles, Clovis, California

“Everything was great from beginning to end.”

“I absolutely love my hardwood flooring.”

“The furniture was put back exactly the way we had it.”

110 East Alluvial, Fresno, California 93720

(559) 412-2900

We are located at the River Park Shopping Center behind the JC Penny Home Store and across from Kohls.
Monday—Saturday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday: Noon - 5 p.m.

I was interested in a hardwood floor called Carmel Valley. So I kept visiting Robinson's Flooring and walking on the sample they had. Eventually, I decided to try it in one room, a hallway. I liked it and it grew from there until we did the whole house. The workmen were very capable, pleasant, fast, and neat. My sales rep was a delight all the way through. I absolutely love my hardwood flooring; it looks wonderful. It adds ... Read More.
Janell Boldt, Fresno, California

We have one of those odd cabins built against a hill, so our kitchen is upstairs. The new wood-look laminate is a lot easier to clean and works well in a kitchen. Robinson’s Flooring did a fabulous job. They were very efficient. The installers were helpful, fast, and friendly. They moved all the heavy furniture, put it all back, and cleaned ... Read More.
Debra Colliver, Shaver Lake, California

“I'm in real estate and I refer all of my clients to Robinson's Flooring.”

Dave and Debra Colliver
John and Kristen Iles

​Our builder had used Robinson’s Flooring on a previous house, so we called. We also shopped around with competitors. Robinson’s came in under everybody else. Their bid was way better. The installation was great. The guys showed up on time and they kept in constant contact with me during the process. Very professional. Robinson’s has the best flooring. With other companies, I just didn’t  ... Read More.
Bob Lightfoot - Shaver Lake, California

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